gdm: remote X terminal managment

Just yesterday someone complained about it on one of the gnome lists.
I decided to try it and it does not work. I have an old HDS ViewStation 
at home and while both xdm and kdm have no problems managing it
gdm only gets xauth to create authority file for my X terminal
and forks another gdm, but X terminal is not getting prompt window and
log file for that terminal is not created.

I beleive I did check everything, short of debugging gdm itsel.
gdm is fresh from CVS.

Is it a problem with just my setup, or that part part of gdm 
functionality is not finished yet?


PS kdm used to have simular problem, but you at least were
able to tell what is happening by looking in to a log file
(it was crashing because it could not find proper fonts
on the remote host)

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