Re: gdm: remote X terminal managment

 Martin Kasper Petersen wrote:
> >>>>> "Sergey" == Sergey I Panov <> writes:
> Sergey> I decided to try it and it does not work. I have an old HDS
> Sergey> ViewStation at home and while both xdm and kdm have no
> Sergey> problems managing it gdm only gets xauth to create authority
> Sergey> file for my X terminal and forks another gdm, but X terminal
> Sergey> is not getting prompt window and log file for that terminal is
> Sergey> not created.
> 1. Use the gdm2 module from CVS 

gdm from gdm2 works as expected (barring the fact that logout can not
be completed now because gnome-name-service survives end of sessions
now and shold be killed explicitly from the console )

Does that mean that gdm in Gnome1.0 is not fully functional?


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