Re: video in gnome

Lee wrote:
> Hi,

> I'm writing a "multimedia app" using Gnome, and I need to embed/play
> some .mov files, preferably from within my application.
> Is there any (easy) way to do this with gnome/gtk/X?
> If not, I'd appreciate any hacks anyone has to offer to achieve the same
> thing.

I've have written a multimedia authoring tool using GTK/GNOME (no, it's
downloadable yet). It's still in early beta stage, but using video is
on my TODO.
I'm thinking about using xanim to display videos. You can give it a
id to send its output to. The communication (play video, next frame,
frame, stop, etc.) is using some X mechanisms. It should be quite easy
to use it in GTK apps.
Due to lack of time I haven't tried it yet.
> Regards,


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