gnome-core 1.0.5

I just created an updated RPM of gnome-core 1.0.5.  When I installed it on
one of my machines that had been upgraded from RH 5.2+GNOME1.0 -->
RH5.2+GNOME1.04??  --> RH6, gnome-session would segfault before starting
the panel.

I chmod'd 000 the rpms on the ftp site while I investigated.

I had a plain vanilla fresh RH6 install on another machine, I then
upgraded all the rpms to ones I had created.  It worked fine with no
segfault of gnome-session.

Back on my machine that had been through all the upgrades, I ran:

rm -rf ~/.gnome/sess*

And the gnome-session from 1.0.5 would no longer segfault.  I've chmod'd
644 all the gnome-core-1.0.5 files on the ftp server.

Something to be aware of if you've been upgrading gnome many times.  Could
possibly the GNOME coding guidelines be updated to mention gracefull
handling of old ~/.gnome files?

Dax Kelson

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