Window Manager compliance

	I'm trying to read up on Gnome Window Manger compliance.

	First, a short bit of whining about the only URL I could find
(  The link to "another
proposal", written by Marko Macek <>, is
broken.  And the link to the X Session Manager Protocol seems to take you
to some TROFF documents.  What ever happend to SGML/Docbook?

	Okay, enough complaining, sorry.  I just installed Redhat 6.0 and
am playing with the Enlightenment configuration options (under the default
Gnome desktop).  I am having some problems between E and the Gnome Control
Center in regards to setting the background.

	For example: Set a new background in the Control Center.  Then,
set a new background in E (with the E configuration tool).  Now exit and
come back into Gnome.  Or better yet, use the Gnome Terminal with a
background setting of "Transparent" after setting the background in E.
Things don't quite work.

	I would like to suggest that part of Gnome Window Manager
compliance is abandoning Background settings and screen savers to the
Gnome Control Center.  So when you click on "Run Configuration Tool for
Enlightenment" the options for setting the Background disappear (if you
are running under Gnome).  Comments?

Derek Simkowiak

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