Re: Coming proposal (was: Window Manager compliance)

Derek Simkowiak wrote:
>         I believe a Window Manager should have cool features, but if it's
> being used under Gnome it should be required to turn them off.

I don't think it's a good idea to _require_ a WM to turn anything
off.  A WM should be free to do what it wants.  GNOME can only
_ask_ it nicely to behave.  If I want to use Enlightenment's
groovy config features, I should be able to.  GNOME, by
definition, has to maintain a certain level of generic control,
which won't necessarily be suited for tuning the unique nuances
of a WM.

Bottom line: if I have to turn off half the features of my WM in
order to use GNOME, then GNOME will become a restrictive
annoyance.  I would rather have a choice between two similar
features, than to be told that I can't use the features I want to
use because GNOME has its own agenda.  Flexibility is much more
important than avoiding duplicated features.


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