Re: Coming proposal (was: Window Manager compliance)

Michael Rogers wrote:
> >I will work on a formal proposal (written in SGML) that lists all
> >features which should "go away" if the WM is being used under Gnome. Does
> >anyone have any suggestions?  Off the top of my head, I can think of:
> >
> >1) Background images  (the catalyst to this whole discussion)
> >2) Screensavers and screensaver configuration (and screen locking)
> >3) Minimized window icons (or *any* icons appearing on the desktop)

One thing that would be really nice is to allow applications to define
icons to be used in the pager. Then it's much easier to switch tasks
(ie. without reading the small text). KDE implements this, but how do
they implement it? Does KWM recognize applications, or is there a
function in the KDE libraries that allows the app to call an icon.

Is there any way to implement this as clean as possible?

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