Re: Again the dnd from netscape to panel/applets.

I have DnD from netscape working in my applet. I don't know
if your problem is making your applet accept DnD from Netscape
or handling it...
If you download Gnome Darxite Monitor and look at the
global.h (just the lines with TARGET_NETSCAPE_URL) and the
widgets.c (the function darxapp_widget_make) that takes care
of setting which widget will receive the drop, how, ... and what
function to assign.
You can found Gnome Darxite Monitor in the Gnome Software Map
or in
The applet takes care of adding files to a batch that "Darxite"
downloads, that is something similiar your are doing with
_gtm_ and _wget_.
Hope this helps.
> Hi fellows.
> When I drag a link from netscape to the panel it works fine and a new
> button to open the URL on netscape. But if I dnd this same link to the
> print applet or the gtm applet it doesn't work.
> If anyone has this working and can give me some indications to
> documentation to solve this or some examples or samples it would be great.
> I have gnome-core-1.0.5 and gnome-libs-1.0.9.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
>                                                Bruno Pires Marinho
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