Re: Updated RH 6.0 GNOME RPMS 5/26

PL. Miraglia said once upon a time (Thu, 27 May 1999):

> >>>>> "Dax" == Dax Kelson <> writes:
>     Dax>
> Thank you for the sources! However, gnome-libs 1.0.9 breaks gnome-core 1.0.5:
> specifically, none of the panel applets work. Gnome-core 1.0.5 runs OK
> with gnome-libs 1.0.8 (precompiled for Redhat 5.2). Any hint?
> I run RH 5.2 and recompiled all your SRPMS on my box.

On my RedHat 6.0 boxes with my updated RPMs all my panel applets work

I'm guessing that the "base" 5.2 GNOME RPMs aren't exactly like the "base"
6.0 RPMs.  I made the updated RPMs using SPEC files and patches (updated
appropriately) from the stock RH 6.0 SRPMs.  Maybe there is some bad
interaction with mixing these RH 6.0 RPMs with the 5.2 ones.  Then again,
these updated RPMs have been download over 10,000 times and I haven't
heard of you problem before (in fact I've only heard of 3 problems (yours
is 4), 2 of them were resolved and not specific to my updated RPMs).

Try launching your panel applets from a terminal, are there any error
messages that are helpfull?  How about launching them with strace?

Dax Kelson

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