Re: gnome-libs/devel-docs et al (hello, and long)

> Unfortunately, I'm going to start off with a bit of a moan about the
> documentation section of gnome-libs... I just can't get it to make
> cleanly, and once I installed the gtk-doc tools, things didn't seem to=20
> get any better...

If you use the released tarballs, then there is no need for you to
use/install gtk-doc at all.  Those are only used by the package

> Also, where/what is the gdoc tool? Do I want to package that up too?
> it's referenced from the Makefile, but it's not in gtk-doc, and again
> isn't in the tarball... I've found tools/gnome-doc which seems to
> refer to itself as gdoc at one point, is this relevant? As far as I
> can tell, it has to be made from c2man source...

in which makefile?

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