Re: GMF (was Re: GScrea..., um, GStreamer 0.0.9 released)

Erik Walthinsen <> writes:

> There's still the open question of what advantages exactly CORBA does
> provide.  Network transparency, maybe, but I'm not so sure that's a useful
> thing, given transport protocols that are designed to handle *all* the
> stream communication, not just the bitstream. Embedding, maybe, but having
> CORBA objects for each filter is only useful if you're going to be mucking
> with them (as far as I understand CORBA), and I can't see anyone mucking
> with a filter graph via Bonobo or DOM or some other higher-level
> abstraction.  Doing filter-graph stuff pretty specialized, so having a
> relatively specialized API for doing so makes sense.

 Hello, if I have understood you (because I have accidentally lose the
 2 first messages of the thread) you want implement a framework to
 manage media objects... 
  Have you seen the "CORBAtelecoms: Telecommunications Domain
 Specifications" published by the OMG, in particular, CORBA interfaces
 references stream control, flow control, streamendpoints control,
 etc... and all media-data uses sockets, i.e. the speed is very
  * In other approach the control is very complex, (QoS...)...
  * is dificult to add functionality (p.e. add more commands like
 rewind in a video_player with the minimum effort).
  * other times, somebody wants to use propietary protocols for
 control an data transfer. (this is transparent).
 with this approach you can implement a video-game, p.e. like passing
 my hero position to another player... with zero effort...
 I don't know how you have implemented your framework, but the corba
 approach is so good... noooo? :-)   
 And all under the OOP model...
 Saludos. Antonio. 

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