Gnome Druid


I want to make a Druid that would help people select some options.

The idea is simple. Have a few pages, each one containing a set of check buttons, gather the results and do something about them.

Now in Pygnome and I guess in gnome, gnomedruid only has pages where you can set logos. Does this mean one needs to add contained windows with check buttons and make all the code to use Druid, or is there another way.

Also, if the first assertion is correct, wouldn't it be nice if Druid had builtin radio or check or whatever buttons that could do that, with all the clicked code already in it, so a developper might create one just by using something like
x.add_check_button("some text", flag)
one would then query the result by saying something like
x.get_results() and this would return all the selection in the form 
{flag: 1, otherflag:0, otherotherflag:1....}
and then all we would have to do is actually code a case thing????!!!!

Thank you for your time!

H. Aurag

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