Re: Removing a widget

On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Harold Campbell wrote:
> Why not gtk_widget_reparent? Or, more precisely, when is it safe to use
> gtk_widget_reparent?

gtk_widget_reparent() should simply do the ref/remove/add/unref thing, but
right now it contains a weird optimization that doesn't work with some
widgets. So it really shouldn't be used in Gtk 1.2, it should be safe in
1.4 (in 1.4 it will just do the ref/remove/add/unref). It does work 90% of
the time now, just with some widgets it gets confused. If it seems to work
in your case then it probably does.

Actually I'm not sure why it isn't changed in the 1.2 series, but I know
Owen's thought about it so there is probably a good reason.


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