Re: Gnome Update Manager

libwww is probably a good choice for this.  I have been writing a bit of
code to get it to play nicely with gtk.  The code is in gnorpm/glibwww/.
I have not had time to finish it off dure to uni assignments and exams.  I
should have time to look at a bit next week.



On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> I read somewhere (I think) that someone is making an Update Manager for
> GNOME (download updates to GNOME/GNOME software automatically).  If not,
> I'd like to do it.  I need something to code when I get mad at my other
> projects (like right now).
> I'd like to know if there's a nice FTP library usable by C that I can
> embed in the program.  My basic idea for the program is that it will
> download a single ASCII file from the GNOME FTP site.  The file will
> contain all the packages and their versions on the site.  The program
> will figure out which packages are not on the user's system, or which
> have newer versions on the FTP site, and list those files, letting the
> user select which ones she wants to download.  The files are downloaded,
> and optionally, installed.  I would at first support only tarballs.  I
> would have a configure "profile" selection, which lets the user select
> from a list her system type, and it will give configure the proper
> options (I could only include RedHat at first, until people send me the
> needed options for other Linux distributions/UNIX variants).  Later I
> could add RPM support.  Any other package support would have to be added
> by other people, since I can't test those package variants without
> cluttering up my poor system.
> What do you think?  Good idea?  I could even make it into a generic
> Update Manager, and other software developers could include update
> profiles, so that the user can select to update from a different FTP
> site.
> Sean Middleditch
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