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> > Oh that's just typical! After I'm stuck into development of a
> > Outlook clone ;)
> Consolidate, join your mind now with the Evolution collective.  :-)

It would be cool, but there are a couple of reasons why I might not be
able to. First off, I _seriously_ doubt that any of my code is even
remotely good enough yet to make it into the CVS tree (ask Miguel,
he's seen some other code of mine ;) and second I do an industrial
placement year as part of my uni degree course and I'm in discussion
with a local company for them to fund development of my client - how
compatible/happy would the Evolution hackers be with me being paid to
work on it and for this company to then sell the program? (I know it's
legally ok under the GPL, but I suspect that Bertrand wouldn't be too
happy about some me and some company in the UK making money off his
If for any reason anyone does want to see my work-in-progress, you're
more than welcome (but expect me to bit bucket any mails screaming at
me 'cos my client dumped your emails ;)

One thing that did occur to me is that if you are bonobising and
componantising everything, it would be very nice to have nntp
capabilities availble - apart from Netscape Messenger, Linux doesn't
have a decent graphical mail and news client and GNOME doesn't really
seem to have very many working mail or news clients!

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