Re: Email library/API

> It is a technology similar to ldap. It is a directory. Usually used for
> storing email adresses and other such info.

Here is a link:  Brief Tutorial

Here's a snippet:

The basic structure of an X.400 message is an envelope and content (i.e.
message). The envelope carries information to be used when transferring
the message through the MTS. The content is the piece of information that
the originating UA wishes delivered to the recipient UA. There are a
number of content types that can be carried in X.400 envelopes. The
standard user message content type defined by X.400 is called the
Interpersonal (IP) message. An IPmessage consists of two parts, the
heading and body. The heading contains the message control information.
The body contains the user message. The body may consist of a number of
different body parts. For example one IP message could carry voice, text,
Telex and facsimile body parts.


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