Re: Gnome-Bugs and SMTP

Heh - Seems like Miguel is a little out of the loop ;)

Anyway bug-buddy's been done, and there are 'plans' for it to become a 
more 'generic' bug-reporting system (so you can pick whatever project you 
want (KDE, Mozilla, GNOME, FreeCiv, whatever)) and it'll handle it. 

I'm still looking into this as I'm trying to teach myself XML and how to 
use libxml (wish there was some sort of 'tutorial' or 'sample program' 
that uses XML without a DTD)

On 9 Nov 1999, Elliot Lee wrote:

> On 9 Nov 1999 14:54:10 -0500, Miguel de Icaza <> wrote:
> >
> >> I was interested in writing a program (through glade) that would replace 
> >> the gnome-bugs script and actually be a Graphical Gnome Bugs Interface. 
> >> Anyway, I think the actual making of the GUI is the easy part. The 
> >> difficult part is: How do I send the data off to
> >
> >Wow!  This is something that has been on my head for some time, I am
> >glad you decided to work on this.
> Umm, Jacob has been working on bug-buddy for a little while now.
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