Re: How should I compile a gnome program?

> How should I compile a gnome-program ? How will I tell the linker where
> the libraries are (and cpp which files to include)  ? How should I write
> the Makefile ? (or and has links to various sites with the proper
information on how to set this up.

You usually use autoconf and automake ( and
to create standard install and compilation procedures and to make your
code more portable.

It helps a lot, but it might be a daunting task at first.  You might
want to try Glade to create your project first, it will create the
relevant bits for you initially.

If you do not want to go trough this hassle, you can always use a
simple Makefile:

CFLAGS=`gnome-config --cflags gnomeui`
LDFLAGS=`gnome-config --libs gnomeui`

program: program.c
> I think It would be good that the tutorial explain that questions, since
> the gnu autoconf/automake are quit difficult to use (I mean: they are not
> user-friendly).

There are a few of those in

> Besides that I want to mention that gnome has two bugs (in version 1.0.50)

please submit those bugs to the bug tracking system.  

> - if you start it in 8 bpp mode (8 bits display) gnome crashes with a
> "Segmentation fault". This is not nice ...

Which application did crash?

> - If you have no sound support gnome complains with a lot of messages.
> There should be an option: no-sound 


> And one thing more: I have a machine with no network access , do I need to
> configure a loop-back interface ? (It seems that gnome doesn't work with
> out it, even that applications that has nothing to do with the network.
> How about a no-net option ? (This would save some memory and disk space ,I
> guess this may be imposible since the "network" in gnome name)

Nope.  Just make sure "telnet hostname" where hostname is your
hostname works.

Usually this means you have a miss-configured networknig setup.

> Besides that: is there any developping evironment for gnome ? (something
> like Borland-C Ide ?) (I know about glade, a wonderful idea)

Glade is the closest you can get to now.  I hope in the future Glade
is extended to become a full development environment.


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