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> Hi,

> 1. Does anyone have a handy reference to terminal escape codes,
>    the ones for colours?

Ok, try 'echo -en "\\033[1;31mText\\033[0;39m"'

Now toy with the left part that \\033[1;31m, that is change 1;31 to
other numbers. 1 is for bold I think, 39 for red. 0;39 will give you
unbold red.

I got that from /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit from RH6.1. I wanted to add
colours to my app, but had no answer regarding colors. I then
remembered seeing RedHat in red at startup and searched through

> 2. Is there any chance that the matching code in zvt will ever add
>    highlighting as well as underline/bold?  This would be really cool
>    R, as it would let us add nice highlighting of keywords etc.

I kept asking about this in case one forks the term. I do this with my
little app. No answer yet, but I'd love to hear one! I keep digging!

> 3. Having looked at gnome-genius, the appropriate communication method
>    between R and zvt would appear to be a pipe (given that I really
>    want to fork).  Does this seem reasonable?

 If it helps I use fork, then created a fifo just today and made both
communicate (not for display but for other things) using threads (I
also learned that today, and God, it works!). Of course I am using
Python a readable and understandable language as opposed to C, C++

 Hope this helps a bit!

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