Random Bug Report #1

I was just browing bugs.gnome.org outstanding bugs and noticed that there 
are several bugs related to Enlightenment. They are:

#1116, #1218, #1718, #3195, #2913.  - Oops, these are only the bug 
reports for 'Enlightenment' and not 'enlightenment' (there are too many 
to list there)

Since enlightenment is no longer really a part of GNOME and it has its 
own 'resources' now (VA Linux) wouldn't it be better to remove the 
Enlightenment package entirely? Besides, the maintainer is listed as 
raster@redhat.com - and we all know he no longer works.

Enlightenment is not part of the GNOME project so I don't see why its 

ggv has several bug reports (1996, 1997, and 1998) that are related to 
0.51 - Isn't ggv now at 0.70 now? Shouldn't they be removed?

There are three IDENTICAL bug-reports on gnome-media (2651, 2744, 2766). 
Should be merged into one

two bug-reports on gnome-pim are identical (1871, 1882)

two bug-reports on gnome-term are identical (2739, 2770)

Well - this report is just from me browsing the bug tracking system's 
outstanding bugs :)

Hope the bug-maintainer can deal with them, so it is easier to find REAL 
bugs to fix :)

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