All last week gnome-libs from CVS would compile but it kept failing make check.
So over the weekend I got a fresh RH6.0 install and tried again, but it still
failed. the Metadata test passed, but all the rest crashed, on poptGetNextOpt at
line 1170 of libgnome/gnomelib-init2.c

Eventually I tracked the problem down to argc and argv being 0 and NULL
respectivly because gnomelib_init sets them as that when it calls

The solution I found to stop it crashing and make check without any problem was
to replace all the calls to gnomelib_init with gnome_program_init and use argc,
argv, NULL as the last 3 arguments.

Looking though the lxr I saw that gnomelib_init used to have argc and argv as
arguements but they were removed (probably for a good reason).

So can anyone tell me if this is a good solution, or what the proper one might
be? A problem I can see with mine is that every program that calls
gnomelib_init has to be changed and I don't really want to have to do that.


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