Re: Drawing lines with libart

Lyndon Drake <> writes:

> Hi,
> In the latest of my long succession of libart questions: how does 
> art_svp_vpath_stroke work?  This code, which I think should work, doesn't
> draw anything, which is a little frustrating.  x0 < x1 and y0 < y1 in all
> cases.  MITER_LIMIT is 4, and FLATNESS is 0.25 (what are these?).  width
> is 1.
> 	vpath[0].code = ART_MOVETO; vpath[0].x = x1; vpath[0].y = y1;
> 	vpath[1].code = ART_LINETO; vpath[1].x = x0; vpath[1].y = y0;
> 	vpath[2].code = ART_END; vpath[2].x = 0; vpath[2].y = 0;

mm... The VPath is a closed path: it should be closed (ie: the last point must
be exactly on the first point)
If you want an open vpath, use ART_MOVETO_OPEN


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