fixed email address display problem of gnomecard

Hello, everyone
I am Hidetomo Hosono, a member of Kondara Project, GNOME Guys A-team.

# Kondara Project is one of Japanese Linux distributer. Our
# distribution is based on Rawhide. If you have any browser which can
# display Japanese, see the following:

 Now I have found a email address problem and fix it. So now I send
the patch, for gnome-pim-1.0.50. If no one have solved yet, please
merge it (Sorry, I cannot find how to use anonymous CVS because of
less time) .

 I'm sorry for my strange English and thank you for your reading.

Hidetomo Hosono @ GNOME Guys A-team of Kondara Project (Sorry, now only for Japanese)
diff -uNr gnome-pim-1.0.50.dist/gnomecard/canvas.c gnome-pim-1.0.50/gnomecard/canvas.c
--- gnome-pim-1.0.50.dist/gnomecard/canvas.c	Sat Sep 18 03:46:50 1999
+++ gnome-pim-1.0.50/gnomecard/canvas.c	Fri Nov 19 18:49:15 1999
@@ -566,6 +566,8 @@
 	if (crd->email.l)
 	  	(email, ((CardEMail *) crd->email.l->data)->data);
+	else
+	  gnomecard_canvas_text_item_set(email, "");
 	if (crd->url.str)
 	  gnomecard_canvas_text_item_set(url, crd->url.str);

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