Re: Summary of my ideas (Updated)

>Being able to add menus to the GMC desktop might be nice, since it brings
>up a nice menu when I right click on the desktop anyway (New > Terminal,
>gnumeric, gimp, etc, my Handy Right Click Menu > program1, program2,
>program3, etc...just a thought.) Since packages seem to add them selves to
>the new menu wether I like it or not, there's probally a way to do it, and
>I could find it if I dug through documentation maybe.

Would it be possible to separate the panel's menu reading (and caching) code
from the rest of the panel? The foot menu would become "just another applet"
and the main menu could also be called up by other applications (gmc or the 
window manager - it wouldn't matter) without duplicating the cache.

Michael Rogers

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