System Information Suggestion


Here I am again, but this time with a suggestion.

First, I'll tell you a brief story. I started 2 years ago with RH 5.0.

My main problems were modem setting and sb16 setting. Now it is not 
anymore a problem, but my modem still requires irq 5 on ttyS2 while 
kernel gives it irq 4 for some reason.

Now I have RH 6.1, the install is nice and all, and you could even 
configure things like the number of keyboard keys etc...

Gnome is my favorite desktop env. For many different reasons. However, 
I think it lacks like most other Linux desktops something fundamental 
as system information. The one included is fine for cpu and memory and 
disk space.

Why not make it like My Computer device list under windows?

RedHat 6.1 install based on gtk (or gnome?) does that, so why not 
gather that information and display in a nice consistent way using a 
notebook for example?

Why also not allow people to change the settings?

Example: in my case I had to use setserial to give irq 5, but it would 
really have helped and I am sure loads of other people to be able to 
click sysinfo and change the setting there!

I might be able to code that in zillions of years since I know epsilon 
(math one) about devices. But wouldn't it be nice?

I personnally think this is as important as having an office suite. If 
a dummy user can't set some basic things in his/her computer how would 
he use that nifty Office Suite? Or would he/she spend days reading man 
setserial (this is but a small example)

Thanks for reading my two cents worth!

H. Aurag

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