Re: Cleaning a canvas

>  One more question (I haven't got the sources for the GnomeCanvas),
>  What does item_list store (Ok, the list of items, it sounds
>  stupid), and more important, how?  ie: How can I gather information
>  about the items in a Canvas through this structure?  Is ptr -> data
>  a (GnomeCanvasItem *)?

The group->item_list is a list of pointers to GnomeCanvasItem

You must remember that the canvas is a display engine; it is *not*
desgined to be your main data structure.  That is, if you have canvas
items it is because you put them there, so you should know which items
they are and where they are.  Your application should remember the
pointers to the canvas items it will need to access in the future; it
should not "query" the canvas for them.  Accessing the item lists
directly is considered messy.


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