gnome socket 2nd proposal

After some time, I rewrote gnome-socket:

gnome-socket is an API for implementing asynchronous I/O on inet ipv4
sockets and asyncronous dns lookup in GNOME. I've written it for inclusion
into gnome-libs but it could be a separate lib and require ~6 open() calls
at each startup :-) (Seriously: this will discussed when it'll be ready).
It consists of two parts: the first (gnome_adns) provides asynchronous dns
lookup, the other (gnome_socket) provides access to sockets so that apps
can connect to the net in an easier way.


Of course this is at alpha stage, an the API _will_ change, etc. etc.

Current limitations: only TCP for now (UDP, etc. are planned), only IPv4
and you can currently listen only for one incoming connection.

I'd appreciate comments and suggestions about the following:

1) Changes to the current API:
   It would be a good idea for the API to be as much address (IPv4/v6,
   etc.) and protocol independent. I'm not going to implement IPv6 support
   for now, but IMO the API shoulnd't change if someone wants to include
2) Portability (see the notes in the code if you're curious)
3) Integrability with glib/gtk+/gnome

I made some tests with memprof and fixed all the leaks I could find, but
work is in progress...

When the API is well defined I'll start writing docs.

Roberto Zunino.

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