i18n and non-latin fonts

Hi all!
I've been finding trouble in many application (GNOME and GTK as part) periodically. The trouble is in displaying strange (for me of course) CE symbols in place of expected russian (sorry, but I speak Russian ;) ). The reason is in hardcoded in program body font strings like "-adobe-helvetica-*...*-ISO8859-1" (worst) or "-adobe-helvetica-*...*-*-*" (little better). The first form is ugly and is not discussed. The second form is not sufficient because it's not true fact that "adobe" font collection has appropriate codeset. For me, "adobe" has not koi8-r codeset. But koi8-r codeset has "cronyx".
IMHO all hardcoded font string should have form "-*-helvetica-*...*-*-*" (or courier or others). I find and replace font strings with suggested form (and so tired to do this) and this work fine almost everywhere. Sometimes there are another trouble. My "cronyx" family has not all "adobe" fontsizes. But this is the problem of the font collection. The i18n code decide which font to use right. I think the form "-*-family-*...*-*-*" is more clear and right for i18n.

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