Rolling upgradability (was: Gnome 1.0.40 really screwed up my system)

On 2 Oct 1999, Jacob Berkman wrote:

> This is because panel data is now stored globally.  This is so that
> people won't lose their session data in the rare case of a panel 
> crash.  You'll be better off in the long run.  Sorry for the 
> inconvience.  :)

I assume some sort of tool will be provided for all the people attempting
to run GNOME in a stable manner to be able to upgrade to September GNOME
without having to reconfigure their entire environment from defaults?

Not paying attention to issues like this will get September GNOME lots of
bad press, when people realize that 'upgrading' will obliterate their
configurations.  Rolling upgrades are absolutely necessary in any stable
series, preferably automatically (i.e. the panel starts, says 'this looks
old', fires off the conversion tool, and goes on running).


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