Re: Hack o' the day

Elliot Lee wrote:
> It's a very gross hack that allows you to click a button next to the
> signal handler name in the properties dialog, and have the function pop up
> in xemacs.
> You have to create a tags table and do 'M-x gnuserv-start' in xemacs
> before this will work.
> Hope this might get some people interested in working on glade <-> editor
> integration :)

I'm going to change the Glade 'Signals' property page so its more like
Delphi/VB - it will list available signals and have an entry next to them
where you type in the handler function name. It would also have a little
'...' button which opens the code editor.

So your idea would be more useful then. But would it have to rebuild the
tags table after adding a new handler function? That's a bit awkward.


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