Re: Xlibs help on a applet.

You need to get a reference to the pixmap instead of creating one.

Have a look at the code4 around line 3726-3731 in gnome-libs/zvt/zvtterm.c
for some code that does this.

I think then you'll be able to write to it properly.


> I've run across a bug in my applet.  I am drawing backgrounds on the root window
> and in order to keep transparent terminals from crashing when my program exits
> (because the backgroundPixmap is no longer in memory) I am using: 
>     dis = XOpenDisplay(gdk_display_name);
>     XSetCloseDownMode(dis, RetainPermanent);
>     pix = XCreatePixmap(dis, DefaultRootWindow(dis), w, h, vis->depth);
>     XCloseDisplay(dis);
>     if (gpix) gdk_imlib_free_pixmap(gpix);
>     gpix = gdk_pixmap_foreign_new(pix);
> So that the Pixmap data sticks around.  This may or may not be the best way to
> do it but it is the only thing I found that works.  Only now I have a problem
> that it eats up an Xclient every time I change the background.  Eventually the
> applet crashes due to a lack of Xclients and I only get one back.
> I tred using 
> XKillClient(dis, pix);
> but this didn't seem to help.
> Can anybody give me a way to get rid of my old XClients that I don't need
> anymore or another way to keep the background Pixmap after my applet exits?
> Thanks in advance.
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