GnomeStockFont, UNICODE, Pango

Federico wrote:
> >  	GdkFont* gnome_font_style(const gchar *style);
> >  
> >  
> >  Then you can have fonts defined for a set of standart styles in
> >  gnome's gtkrc file e.g :
> [snippety]
> With respect to this I would prefer to do the right thing and wait for
> Pango and GnomeFont.  On top of that we can build a GnomeStockFont
> abstraction that gives you fonts for "normal text", "small titles",
> "big titles", etc.
> I assume Gtk+'s rc mechanism will change, too, when Pango is finished.

 I have to admit my ignorance -- it is a first time I see Pango
mentioned. Any ref.? I have to assume it is someting related to Gtk+
UNICODE plans. I know, it is better to use UNICODE everywhere, but
nobody knows when it will be possible. Most probably we will have
UNICODE used just in some places (like mail reader and editors) first,
and then slowly taking over the rest of the Gnome (the rest of
X?). There are some problems ahead; e.g. there are no unicode fonts
and those fonts would be impractical(because of the size), the current
plan to use characters from different fonts is impractical either, as
there is no one-to-one correspondence between fonts for different
encodings (I'd rather have Latin and Cyrillic characters taken from
the same koi8 font when they are used together ).

 The proposed scheme(or anything that would do the same) is a quick
and easy fix for the problem we have now -- people keep complaining
about hardcoded fonts.


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