Re: gnome-hello-7-mdi.c

    John> Before I start using this as an example of good current MDI
    John> practice, I thought I should ask why it got moved.  Is this
    John> still considered a good example to follow, or has something
    John> changed -- the MDI interface being deprecated in favor of a
    John> new approach, or the like?

Horacio and I never kept the old gnome-hello programs up to date, so I
would be very careful of the MDI interface as used.  On the other
hand, you could try to compile it, and if it works, then fine.

I don't think Havoc's gnome-hello program uses MDI.  But nowadays you
have Havoc's book and much better documentation than back when we set
up the initial gnome-hello programs, so you might be able to just use

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