Re: Gnome-core

George wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 10:55:50AM +0200, Laurent Gauthier wrote:
> > > -
> > >   the panel has some drawing problem when using auto-hide, it does jump
> > >   too far when the mouse passes over it while reducing
> >
> > I submitted this one in the GNOME bug tracking system a few month ago,
> > but I've had no news about it so far.
> That's because we can't find it.  If you look at the code, it doesn't make
> any sense that it would do that.  Also I can't reproduce it here on my alpha
> so I assume you have to be quicker then the computer somewhere.

I can see it here (on a K6II-350 with gnome-core 1.0.7 and Enlightenment).
Though it is pretty hard to reproduce. I think it is easier to see if you
set the auto-hide animation speed down to 1.

Put your mouse on the panel so it pops up. Then move the mouse off so it
starts to auto-hide. Then move it back on to the panel very quickly.
The panel is displayed too high for a few moments.

If you tell me where the auto-hide/restore code is I'll read through it.

(Also, the panel doesn't always pop up when I move the mouse onto it.
But I have a fairly old gnome-core so this may be fixed.)


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