GDM Configurator

Hello!  I was wondering if there was a nice GDM configuration utility.
If not, I wanna make it!  I purchased GTK+/Gnome Application
Development, and now I can code ANY GUI program!  Mwa hahaha hohoho
hehehe-heh::cough, ack:: Eek, hairball.

Anyways, I'd like to make my first big contribution to the open source
community, and thought that a GDM configuration utility would be nice
when I saw KDE's when trying to help a friend setup Linux when her dad
bought the family a copy.  Unfortunately, at the time, I was unable to
get Gnome to compile on the Caldera system at the time, so she couldn't
use all the cool GTK+/Gnome apps she saw on my system, and stuck with
Windows (but I sent her the info on the new Caldera RPMs, she'll convert

Sorry, I babble too much,  I just got a cool new job that pays lots of
money and I'm only 16 so I'm REALLY happy.  ::smack:: Shut up, Sean!

Sean Middleditch

P.S.  At least I get to skip having to work of McDonald's... ;-)

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