Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Tom Tromey wrote:

> Regis> - 2 days later, a user logs on the machine, and he doesn't know that
> Regis>   the sysadmin has installed VMware.
> We shouldn't dictate site policy.  Here sysadmin sends email when they
> install something major.

So have the behaviour be an option when installing.  On my mostly single
user homesystem, I'll say no, cause I know it is installed.  At work where
we want to let everyone know, the sysadmin can say yes.  At another
location which uses email only to notify users, you can say no, and notify
them by email.

> Regis> Keep in mind that this in not just VMware and Gnome, VMware is
> Regis> just an example. Any commercial app will _need_ to do this.
> This "need" is a false one.  It is more of a need to advertise than
> anything.

Pushing info out about new applications to a user community seems to be an
issue for a lot od sites, whether the application is commerical or not.
While some sites have mechanisms in place already, if VMware wants to
create something that might become a standard for those who don't, i say
more power to them.  

I think the optional part is a big thing thought, I  HATE it when
applications stick icons on my desktop without asking.
Interesingly though, my opinion is exactly the opposite when it comes to
the "foot/start" menus.  There I EXPECT an application to create things,
and am annoyed when it does not.

just some thoughts.

Christopher Rogers       

why bother learning when ignorance is instantaneous. -Hobbes

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