Of text_entries, file_selections and libglade

Hi all,
  I am trying to write a GNOME backend to the Elvis vi clone as my first
GNOME/Gtk project and am having a problem which I hope someone can suggest
a solution to.

  I am trying to allow the user to define the dialogue boxes and menus
themselves; and thus they can state that a particular menu option causes a
dialogue box defined in a glade file to be shown and the OK and Apply
buttons to execute 'vi' commands.

  To do this I'm defining a set of substitution rules like this:


Such that the search string is the text of the 
'searchreplace.searchstring' entry widget.  My problem is that I want to
be able to use the $name$ syntax to substitute the text result from any
widget with a text result, and in particular from gtk_file_selection's.

At the moment I think I have to look at the widget, figure out what type
it is and then decide whether to call either gtk_entry_get_text or
gtk_file_selection_get_filename or however many other widget types I
support.  Shouldn't all widgets which return a string be descended from a
single type or have a common interface to retrieve the string?

Any suggestions welcome,


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