Resurfaced Problem

I had a problem in which the Deskguide applet would always give an error
about an invalid window or somesuch when I tried to add it to the panel.

Someone told me the problem had been fixed (for them, at least), even
though I still had it.  I just stuck with gnome pager and that was that.

Now that the new gnome-core and gnome-applets (neither of which compile
for me, I'll wait for the RPMs) don't have gnome-pager, I decided to try

After my fresh RH 6.1 install, Deskguide worked!  I had my old panel
config (3 corner panels: two horizontal on both sides of the bottom of
the screen and a vertical in the upper right) back, and restarted linux
after recompiling the kernel, and the Deskguide applet crashed!

Also, the taskbar applet sometimes won't show the tasks (it gets cut off
or something) and I have to open its config and select fixed tasklist
width, apply, then dynamic tasklisk width again for them to show.

Is there a known solution for this, or should I try the bug report

Sean Middleditch

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