Re: cpp

Dear James,

As far as my research goes glade-- is supposed to do this, glade--
relies on
gtk-- and glade ofcourse (at least that's what I understand from it all)
however it (==glade--) doesn't support any gnome extensions
(like gnome-app etc.) So, that's kind of a problem. 
I could ofcourse do the work glade-- does (which is basically dumping
the UI into
some classes) manually or just stick to GTK stuff ... but the latter is
not really a
good solution.

So, at the moment I am not sure what the best solution is for


Almer. S. Tigelaar.
> First of all, it is quite easy to use straight GTK+ from C++ (a number of
> the games do this, and so does Guppi), so this may be an option.  If you
> want to use gtk-- and glade, another option may be for someone to write a
> wrapper around libglade.  It is fairly easy to wrap (there are a number of
> interpretted language bindings, which are generally more difficult to bind
> than C++), but if anything extra is needed, I can probably add it.
> James.
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