Re: network wrapper

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Cody Russell wrote:

> There should be no reason to need an additional layer for doing network
> transfer. TCP sockets are basically the same across every platform that
> GNOME runs on.

True, but I think an additional layer may simplify the task.
Some time ago, I wrote a possible implementation of this and was discussed
on this list. After the discussion it wasn't included in gnome-libs

- my implementation depends on gnome-dns which is currently deprecated and
  should be rethought/rewritten (maybe with a single, per-user dns
  resolver daemon)
- it's low level stuff and maybe glib is a better place for it
- I currently have no time to make it thread-safe and port it to Win32,
  and I think that would be necessary for it to be included in glib

If you are curious, see


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