Question about Input

I'm using Glade to construct a quick Gnome app, and I can't seem to get
any message handlers to execute, other than the menu ones.

I create a default gnome project with a default gnome app window, put an
event box in the main area, and put a drawing area widget within that. I
enable all kinds of signals for the event box (drag & drop, key down,
key up, etc) but none of them execute when I do things with the window.

I had a similar problem once before when I attached a menu to a GTK app.

I feel pretty stupid about this, but how do you get input events to
windows? Do you have to set masks all the way down the hierarchy? Do you
have to call something else to enable them? I can't seem to find any
documentation on this, and no example programs seem to show how this is
done. Any pointers to code or FAQs would be greatly appreciated.


Colin Fox

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