Re: [OT] Default window manager

* NotZed ( wrote:
> > 
> > Sorry to disagree, but e is currently using about 3.2Mb right now,
> > with a beautiful desktop background, a pager, 2 iconboxes, and a
> > partridge in a pair tree ;)
> And how big is X?
> And when did you last restart it? :)
>  Michael

[Sorry to continue the thread folks]

Today, X has been running for a few hours, but I often leave this
thing on for weeks at a time ;)

X uses somewhere around 25 Mb on my system right now, but this is
because I have 256Mb, and have disabled all memory restrictions for X,
e and imlib. I do not believe in wasting my memory, so I allow apps to
use it. If I had less, I'm sure I'd cut things back somewhat, but I
currently have 16 desktops, all using different backgrounds, and have
prevented e from removing them from memory after a delay (which is the
default behaviour).

One of my collegues runs e 0.15.5 on a 486 with 8Mb with no problems

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