Re: gtk & threads

> Is gtk thread safe?
> I am trying to figure out how to get past gtk's "cant refresh while in a
> function" problem.
> Using threads, I think, would be the best way around it, but I dont see
> anything on about thread safety.


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5.2 Is GTK+ thread safe? How do I write multi-threaded GTK+ applications? 

   The GLib library can be used in a thread-safe mode by calling
   g_thread_init() before making any other GLib calls. In this mode GLib
   automatically locks all internal data structures as needed. This does
   not mean that two threads can simultaneously access, for example, a
   single hash table, but they can access two different hash tables
   simultaneously. If two different threads need to access the same hash
   table, the application is responsible for locking itself. 
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