The long story (my take anyways).  

Gnome Libs stores metadata in ~/.gnome/metadata.db, which is a binary db
file.  There are a few incompatible db formats.  Way back when (you know
about 6 months ago) RedHat was getting ready to release RedHat 6.0 which
is based on glibc2.1. According the change log in the RPM spec file there
must been some issue with glibc2.1 and the "db2" library at the time (or
it could've been some other reason), so the stock RedHat 6.0 gnome-libs
RPM included a patch to use db1.  The "official" gnome-lib tarballs didn't
use db1.  What ever db your gnome-libs used to create your initial
meatadata.db file you must continue to use.

I saw in the CVS changelog that db1 patch had been applied to the official
gnome-libs.  What I didn't see is that it caused problems for tarball
users (since they had been using db2), so Federico basically reverted it

The first gnome-libs RPM I created used the stock gnome-libs with two
other RedHat patches.  Since it was using db2, it couldn't read the db1
format metadata.db file, this caused the icon problems.

Federico quickly sent me a patch for gnome-libs 1.0.16 to have it use db1.
I've taken that patch and incoporated in new RPMs.  I've also reved the
midnight commander RPMs to require the new updated gnome-libs RPM.

Sorry for all the hassle.

New additions:


If you had already installed the old RPM, and nuked your metadata (to
recreate a new db2 format metadata file), if you install the above RPMs,
you'll have to do it again.

So here is a non-trival way someone can contribute.  Patch gnome-libs to
do some funky db detection and autoload the correct db library for the
file.  Unfortunately db1 and db2 can't be used at the same time in the
same program.

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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