RE: Clipboard

*> Forgive me if this is a little off-topic, but I had a thought:
*> Stuff like clipboards and such should be WM and DE independent.  For
*> if you write a super powerful clipboard for GNOME, wouldn't only GNOME
*> applications be able to use this functionality?  Cut & paste between KDE
*> GNOME applications would not work, between Netscape and GNOME, etc.

No, not the way I have designed it.
One of many idea's is that you should be able to "connect" this clipboard to
any other clipboard.
Currently, you are able to use it from the commandline, whithout X running
or even installed.
Dependencys are to glib, and a CORBA ORB. To compile it, you'll need ORBit.
Not Gnome.

If the clipboard need to do something that is *not* platform independent,
like store/reteive things from the native clipboard ( X-clipboard, GMC, or
M$ clipboard ) then you put these things in the "User interface" ( please,
find a better name someone. Clipboard controller? )

I wan't it to be GNOME *compilant*, not Gnome dependent, and this at a
minimum requires you to use Gnorba.
Once Gnorba is independent of X, if it'll ever be that, you'll still be able
to use the clipboard from both GNOME, KDE, the Console, M$ Windows or
whatever that provedes a CORBA enviroment.

*> Any volunteers?  I'm not an X expert, or even a GNOME expert, but I'd
like to
*> get involved.  Anything that makes all of X easier to use will make GNOME

But OK. I allso think that the best thing to do, would be to enchant an
existing, standard clipboard. However, from what I know, this would break
backwards compability. At least if you wan't things like filters, and "CORBA
plugin storages", history listings, etc to X-clip...

And I allso think that you have forgotten one thing.
Haven't you ever wanted to cut/paste from a *console* to X?
Ok, GMC works as a clipboard for the console.
( But only text. )
Gmc to X does allso work.
( Allmost. You are limited to cut the text that is visible in a console
window. )
X to console works better, but still only text.

*> all applications, GNOME or not, can work together.  I mean, more than
*> clipboards.  A standard sound interface would be nice.  And maybe even an
Wouldn't a standard sound daemon be a more suitable place for a standard
sound interface, than XLib?
Allthough X spawns a lot of events, which *can* produce sound, I don't
really think that X itself should do the beeping! ;-)

If you has got any ide'a about how one would be able to add custom filters
to the X-clipboard whithout breaking compability, and preferably whithout
having to rewrite every program from xv to gmc, please let me know. I have
no clue about how this should be done.

// Liss
ps. If I sounded angry, then this is just because I'm in a hurry.

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