Re: [Patch] Launching URLs in gnome-terminal

Hi David,

Thanks for your patch - I really hate to say this, but we probably
wont need it.

I'm part the way through adding similar functionality to libzvt -
through a simple api and a new signal all applications using libzvt will
thus easily be able to detect mouse clicks on url's (or other
patterns of text - it uses extended regular expressions to match
the text).

It will also (hopefully) highlight url's as you pass over them with
the mouse, etc.  The current code is in the ZVT_MATCH (i think) branch
in gnome-libz/libzvt.  zterm in that branch will print out the url
you clicked on in the window you ran it from.

Once this is complete, adding the url launcher to gnome-terminal will
be only a couple of lines of code.

> I've added a feature to gnome-terminal that allows a right-click on a
> URL to launch the URL (using gnome_url_show) through an item in the
> popup menu.  I added a "Launch URL" command to the popup menu and made
> it disabled (not sensitive) when the click was not on a valid URL.

> I hope you find this patch useful and consider including it in
> gnome-terminal.  I don't have much programming experience, so it
> should be looked at carefully.  However, I do find it very useful.

Pity - it looks fairly neat code.


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