Re: goad status

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > What is the status of goad being made X independant (or is work being done
> > on it) ?
> We are working steadily towards the release of September GNOME, our
> next stable release, so we have kept those features on hold for the
> development branch of the code. 
> > I have 2 console projects that should make use of it but cant so I have
> > placed both on hold. Is the X variable the only thing that makes it X
> > dependant? If it is, why cant it just write its ior to ~/.goad.ior with
> > permissions that make it not accessable to anyone else. If it is that
> > simple, I might just convert it myself.
> You could do this in the meantime, yes.

Is it ok for me to implament a patch with the above proposed solution?
Would it work, and would you accept it? If so, Ill start to work right

Also, I found out a little while ago that libgnome is console based and
libgnomeui is X based. After I create the gnorba patch, could gnome-libs
be broken up into:
with libgnome and libgnorba and anything else console based.

with libgnomeui and any other X stuff.

That way, if you want to use console gnome stuff, you dont have to worry
about X related stuff.

> miguel

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