Re: goad status

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > redefining goad should break binary compatibility just a bit. 
> > Maby the best thing to do would be to seperate goad from libgnorba after
> > the 1.0.50 release. The orbit stuff should be able to be done safely now.
> > after the orbit fixup, I think goad should be x indemendent
> > right away (correct?).
> Breaking just a bit is just as bad as breaking entirely.  This is not
> an option, and those changes will just be ignored.
> And no, GOAD can not be done in a different process, as we need it to
> be able to load shared library objects.

Was planing on duplicating the goad code into a server and leaving the old
stuff alone for compatibility. The newer gnome programs can use the server
and the older ones can use the lib.

I dont understand about the shared library objects. Why cant a goad server
load a shared library object?

> Miguel.
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