Re: gnome-socket API proposal

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> I'm wondering if we should add this sort of thing to libgnomeui; it seems
> like it should be in a separate library, maybe libgnome-net or something?
> I'd kind of like to move gnome-dns to another library as well, though 
> there are backward compatibility issues there.

I agree. I actually wondered why gnome_dns was in libgnomeui and not in
libgnome or in a separate library. Backward compatibility is important,
but I don't think a lot of apps depend on gnome_dns (do correct me).
Perhaps networked games?

> Basically libgnomeui is getting awfully large, and it should really be
> limited to stuff almost all apps will want to use, rather than
> domain-specific stuff, IMO.
> Havoc

I think that libgnomeui should contain only UI-related stuff too. However
it'd be nice to have some kind of net-utils in the standard gnome-libs,
just to avoid developers to reinvent the weel every time: maybe libgnomeui
is just the wrong place to put them.
OTOH, a new libgnomenet for gnome_dns and (perhaps) gnome_socket only is
too much, but if other net-utils are added it could be ok.


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