Re: gnome-socket API proposal

> > 	Also, since socket connections are on a lower level
> > (system-dependent, actually) than core service protocols, I would like to
> > suggest that a g_socket() interface be added to Glib, and that
> > higher-level protocols (like FTP and HTTP as discussed in previous
> > messages here) be part of the Gnome libraries.  Comments?
> Not all apps are networked, so maybe this could not fit well in glib's
> role.

	Glib is an all-purpose library.  Not all apps use hashes, either,
but Glib has them.

	Since Glib will already be in memory for any system using a Gtk+
application, there wouldn't be a severe system penalty if this feature
were added.  In short, I think the code bloat would be neglible.

> If this will be put into glib, however, it should be thread safe and
> should have a (sigh) win32 implementation, IMO.

	For the Win32 stuff, we could just write a wrapper around the
WinSock API.  I've never used WinSock, so can anyone here comment as to
the ease/difficulty of making such a port?


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